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Enjoy the launch of a new and amazing plan ( pro pack)

What is the monthly new pack all about ?

MOG in the quest to continue giving it’s community members value, introduced another subscription plan which enables them to earn even more to the extent of making money from other people’s easy trading.


Simple and easy. When someone joins mog community through your username, you will be entitled to

  • 20% commission from the package they decided to enroll with.
  • 10% when each of them resubscribes
  • Other affiliate commissions and incentives per rank

And now you will earn extra

  • 40% of his winning trades
  • Easy to build traders with our easy to use system.

How much can I earn?


Imagine you invite only 10 traders to mog in your first week. Remember you will make 20% for showing them mog ,if they subscribed monthly your commission will be N1556 for each trader. Since we are calculating 10 persons, which is:

1556*10=N15560 for their registration only to mog.

Now as a pro pack member you will addictionally be giving a link to setup their trading platform.

Lets assume those 10 are making as little as $5 per day from our signal system, you will earn 40% extra from their profit per day.i.e $2 (which is 40%)* 10=$20 profit per day , $100 per week and $400 per month, which is N155600 in naira plus your initial N15560.

The above is a low estimate compared to what you will earn as a pro affiliate from mog. The ideology is to help you make money outside trading while building your trading account.

However, you can connect as much as many people as possible that will be delighted to work for you while you teach them to work more.

Can I upgrade from my initial plan?

If you are currently on the lower monthly plan and want to enjoy this offer ,all you will do is pay the difference between the current plan and the desired plan or otherwise wait for your current plan to elapse before joining the higher plan directly.

what amount do I resubscribe if am in the pro pack?

You will be paying $20 per month after the launch period but pay $15 per month during the launch period.

-197Days -16Hours -18Minutes -23Seconds

When is the launch period?

The launch period is from 6th May 2020 to 11th may 2020.

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How do I get started?

Simple click on the link below to get started. Register and proceed to select your preferred package.

Post Author: MOGTEAM